An ethical system is a set of rules that provides guidance for and shapes relationships within a group of social beings.  Ethical  systems are built on the moral systems of the members of the group and the moral systems are based on what the members of the group value.  What people value is determined to some extent by their own personal experiences, as their emotional/motivational connections are shaped by the combination of their genetic propensities and their perceptions from their own unique situations.  But they can use knowledge, particularly scientific knowledge, to guide them in strengthening or weakening particular emotional/motivational connections in order to optimize the sustainability of those connections that energize them the most. This is an attempt to develop an approach to achieve that optimization.

The goal here is to create a fundamental calculus of relationships that can serve to help develop a robust and universal ethical system based on that which humans have the most potential to become connected to and invested in and that can survive the challenges of revolutionary changes in technology in the third millennium, including those related to Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Eugenics or Human Genetic Engineering.

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